Admin On Call

So little time . . . in the busy office day for all those "do-to wish lists" that never seem to get done.

While your company and employees are busy with daily tasks, it is often difficult to get extra organizational projects completed in the meantime. Admin On Call is here to help.

Contact me today to streamline your company or personal needs.

Admin On Call Services

  • Travel Arrangements
  • Marketing and Training Presentations
  • Event and Meeting Planning
  • Data Entry and Correspondence

And much more . . .


I have known Erika for a couple of years and have recently begun using her talents . . . read more

Twelve years experience as a departmental and executive secretary. Six years experience as a travel agent. My customer service skills are impeccable, and my previous administrative support work required discretion and confidentiality in both business and human-services environments.

Streamline your organization

Busy professionals understandably have a lot to do in a work day. Streamlining your organization can reduce stress, improve employee job satisfaction and make your business priority the customer again instead of squeezing more hours out of the work day.

Let me help show you how to use what you have to create a workplace that doesn't overwhelm.

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