Horizon Electronic Recycling

We provide Electronic Recycling to Create Local Jobs for People with disAbilities

A local non–profit organization in Ogallala, Nebraska


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Have you recently bought a new TV or computer?

Are you getting ready to throw the old one out? Instead bring your unwanted electronics to Horizon Electronic Recycling.

We work together with Blue Star Recyclers to recycle everything from computer keyboards to industrial grade photo copiers. The more electronics you recycle the more jobs we can create.

By recycling your electronics you are ensuring that hazardous waste does not leak into the earth, endangering plants, animals, water & human health. These items often contain toxic elements like lead, mercury, cadmium, beryllium, and arsenic. If they get dumped in a landfill, they pose a threat to clean water and healthy soils.

We ensure that all electronics are ethically handled in every way. We carefully disassemble each element & distribute pieces to environmentally responsible downstream recyclers, E-Steward Certified Recyclers, to be remade into new products.

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24th / November / 2013

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